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Monday, June 11, 2007

bad, bad blogger!!!

Time's incredible...
By the time I can sit at the computer, having fought off kids on msn (grrrr) husband on spider (double grrrr) sorry, that should read - kids doing homework & husband researching for his French class- lol
then I am faced with the problem of trying to remember passwords!
takes another 2 days to get back to the confounded machine and to have to admit defeat by clicking on that humiliating button 'forgot your password?'
Here I am to say I am still alive and kicking, holding out for the holidays!!! 3 weeks to go and counting!

Studying and the house have taken up a lot of my time recently and will continue to do so... have had a big ( but nice) dose of visitors since February and have more booked in :-) This is my excuse for being a bad, bad blogger...

Hope to pop back soon


At 3:17 am, Blogger Mountain Mama said...

life is much more than blogging.
Do the things that need done, and enjoy your company. Your blog friends will be here when you return.

At 4:51 am, Blogger SarahB said...

Hi Zanne,

Glad to hear that your'e living life to the full. I know that you have loads going on but I just missed seeing you in cyberspace...

God bless and a huge hug.



At 6:45 pm, Blogger Helen said...

Hi Zanne!

Glad your ok, sounds like life is busy!

Have a good week,

Helen x


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