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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

I'm back

Sorry I've been away for so long!
What with school holidays then Pete's holidays... I feels as though I have been on the go all the time!!!

During the holidays we had 2 trips to the zoo at the citadale in Lille, it is free and there are plenty of animals to see, 1st time I took the girls on my own, the 2nd time was with Pete's brother and his family. It is a great day out, and as you an see, the weather was great...

The rest of the time has been filled with housework, pre & post visitors, shopping, mainly visitor related!!! trips to the fair, the cinema, school friends parties... It was a good break for the kids, hopefully they enjoyed it.

Pete has been busy in the attic rooms, concreting, plastering... soon we can paper and paint... no the electrician has not been, we are working around that issue...

On Tuesday I had my first session with my language buddy (She doesn't know thats what she is... but she is committed to meeting with me weekly to help me with my French) the 2 hours flew by, which is a positive thing.
On Mondays I will study French at home, and on Tuesday she will help with what I have been working on... a plan is coming together.

So, life plods on here, Robyn comes on Saturday with 2 Other Elimites, for the long weekend, should be fun... thanks for missing me Tracie, I'm ok, just not back into the blog swing yet! Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

School holidays!!!

It's that time again,
schools out, for 2 weeks and a day.

This means that I don't get near the computer... that's ok though 'coz I hav'nt time for it, I have to be in the kitchen producing an endless quantity of meals, snacks, drinks... how do they cope at school? they must starve all day!

Pete breaks up in 2 weeks time for Easter, the girls have a weekend and the Monday off together (with our visitors...) then the girls go back to school and Pete is off for 2 weeks!
great co-ordination!

Easter is in 2 weeks time and Spring madness is in the air...
The easter bunny is wreaking havoc in the shops leaving little round, brown reminders everywhere of his visit... chocolate eggs...
The easter chicks are appearing everywhere, in Belgium there is an added dimension, la cloche, the bell which does something with the eggs too...

The message of Easter really is getting lost,
We are sinking into a society that knows less and less about the real meaning of Easter,
sad eh?

I want to wish you a very happy Easter,
enjoy the chocolate, and thank God for the greatest gift that anyone could ever give us, salvation. Posted by Picasa