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We are on a mission (see Matthew 28:19-20) So watch this space!

Friday, January 27, 2006

It's Friday... It must be Crackerjack?

It's Friday, it's 08:30... what is it?
It's crackerjack!!!!
No, that was a long time ago!
Pete has taken the girls to school on his way to Uni. The kitchen is sorted (not difficult, it is the size of a postage stamp) and the breakfast stuff is away. The study books are open on the table and I am the other end of the house at the computer
What is it?
~ It's a struggle.
It is in my best interest to learn the language. Church is difficult 'coz I only get 20% of the sermon, worshipping is something else when you have to keep one eye on the overheads as you don't know the songs AND they are in French I needs understanding. To give/recieve encouragements I need competence and clarity with the language... the Spirit is so evident in our church and that is a blessing; God's love transcends language barriers, but I crave a deeper move with God.
~ It's scary.
I've always not liked not knowing what is going on around me in case I am missing out on something! I also don't like it when my name is mentioned followed by laughter and I haven't understood the topic. I especially don't like it when someone says...You don't understand, and I am most hurt when I am excluded from a group because I am different.
~ It's humbling.
We are told to come before our Father as children. Children are dependent on their parents/carers for all things, they come with no expectations, they don't assume, (I'm talking little children!!!!!! I could hear some comments in the camp)they don't judge, they are happy to be near you, they accept what you say without having 'better' ideas, they are vulnerable, they are submissive, they love you for no reason whatsoever, just because. I am reminded that this is where God wants me, I need to rely on Him in all situations. I heard it said that God didn't put me here because I was the best person for the job, but this was where He could best work on me!
~ It's frustrating.
I am like a babbling baby, People at church see my frustrations, my efforts, my failings and want to help; This is the basis for a balanced relationship, helping and needing each other.
~ It's crackers jack!
There is no logic to what we are doing; moving to a country where we don't speak the language, are different culturally and are motivated by faith!!! It is crackers. It is a step of faith, the first step is the hardest there is a lot riding on it, but it is right. Stepping out does not mean stepping away, but stepping in Jesus' footprints.
So, I am going back to those study books and tackle them, I am going to thank God for putting me here and ask for the strength to persevere. I am going to be victorious, because God is in it with me and I have his purposes to fulfil in my life.
Ga 6:9 (TCNT) Let us never tire of doing right, for at the proper season we shall reap our harvest, if we do not grow weary.

I pray that we will each find strength for the daily chores, to do them willingly and as a testimony, that we don't grow weary and that we will be victorious.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Why do we spend so much time keeping our house in order in case someone comes, and neglect to keep God's Temple in order when we are expecting Jesus to come?

Monday, January 23, 2006

I am sooooooooooooo excited.

Thank you for noticing me... I feel so blogged :-)

A cup of tea doesn't fix everything!

This revelation may come as a bitter pill to some hardened Brits, but it is true, hard for me to say as a tea lover and an ethnocentric!!!
Much as we love our tea, we have had to change our approach to offering refreshments when guests turn up, fresh coffee is the order of the day, and it is to be presented in small cups, preferably with it's saucer, thank goodness for Ikea!
You can imagine the surprise when we gave the workmen fresh coffee (got that bit right) in this pictured mug, caused bit of a laugh... seems we do that bit well at least...

What did we learn from this?
Everyone has their own way of showing hospitality, no one way is right. I have had to learn a new way as a cuppa and a piece of cake does not make the visitor feel welcomed (unless they are from UK!)
Often when someone has a problem, or is feeling down, we can sit them down with a cuppa, for a chat, and sort things out. A cup of tea can assist in fixing things. Not anymore!
Firstly there is no chatting in this camp if the problem is in French, then the cup of tea causes more problems that it's worth!!! What can fix things?
Not what, Who?
Taking the problems to our Father is what we are to do, he can ease the problem, heal the hurt, mend the broken hearts... This can be done in any language with any beverage and snack. He can bridge the cultures and barriers and He can use us if we are willing to be used.
I see myself as the cup for the tea, an empty vessel! I am willing to be used but unable to do it on my own. I need to be filled with compassion, gentleness, understanding, self-control... (the list goes) on to be effective,on my own I am incapable!

This is my prayer, that I will be emptied of myself and full of the Spirit, so that I will be used by God in the work he has prepared for me to do.
Ephesians 2: 10.
For we are God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.

Word muddles
dent and don (pronounced the same)= tooth and gift or talent (in a sentence beginning'God gives us all d....' I didn't know the latter, so was on the tooth theme!!!)
Vis and vis = 'je vis' means I live, I lived in Holland for 3 years before coming to Belgium, and 'vis' is Dutch for fish... I am so easily confused...
Attendre and entendre = To wait and To listen. I am still learning that you don't attend venues here you have to go to them When I was little I went to Moulsham school I didn't attend it any more coz' that only means I waited it and that is nonsense wouldn't you agree? Although we have to do both before God :-)

Talk soon

Friday, January 20, 2006

Do you know how addictive blogging is? I have been reading all about friends back home and the strange thing is, they don't know I'm here!!! Weird eh?

I have finished a 12 week language course in French and not sure how much I actually progressed!!! Our whole life outside our house is in French, but I still feel as though my efforts are as a babbling baby, I need a Pentecost experience in French!

my motto for life is to see problems as challenges, this is what Paul did (I think) during his missions in Acts, he faced the challenges and knowing that God was with him in all situations, he tackled the challenges as a team member...
I know God has put me here for a reason and I will fulfil that task, the challenge of learning French is a big one, and many times I feel it is too big for me, I am clumsy in pronounciation, hopeless in sentence structure... clueless when it comes to conjugating... but God is with me, he can make all things possible, His purpose is to build me up so I can serve Him, and this is my goal.
Having given myself bit of a pep talk I will plod on...

I hope some of you find my page, it isn't too exciting at the moment, I can post a few verbs I have studied, or a list of words for the day... might help me but not sure if it is read worthy!!! I could tell you about the efficiency of our Belgian electrician but I would be lying and I don't approve of that! I could tell you about the progress made to the renovations of our attic (French word = grenier) rooms...but that would be an unfinished story...

I will tell you about what I have learnt, kind of a thought of my day...

If you don't try you wont know... This used to be said to me when I said I didn't like some food, now I apply it to life,
~ If I say I can't learn French and don't try, I wont...
~ If I say I can learn French and don't try, I wont...
~ If I say I can learn French and try, I might look an idiot and become the source of many laughs... but I stand a greater chance of achieving the goal.
He who dares wins, as they say.

Just had a thought for another daily posting...

my blunders...
Heres one from yesterday (Fr=hier)
while talking to a friend, I told her I had finished my French course...I thought...
Here's how it went
Me: 'J'ai fini mon cours' (pronounced caw)
B: 'ton corps?' (pronounced coor)
Me: 'oui, mon cours de francaise!'
B: 'Ah! ton cours, tu dit ton corps!' ha! ha! ha!

Was there a joke? in response to my blank look betraying lack of understanding she explained...
you said your body (corps) was finished you meant your course (cours) hence the laughing!

laughter is a gift
humility is a fruit

other confusing words I have muddled...
bougie and bouger ~ (candle and the verb to move)
pecheur (circumflex on 1st e) and pecheur (accute acent 1st e) ~ fisherman and sinner
salut and salut (a greeting and salvation...need to know the context to know which one is used...bit of a problem when you only know one meaning for the word!!! makes a sermon really baffling!)

Enough for now, I'm sure there will be plenty more the way I am progressing... trial and error is definate method!

Watch this space :-)