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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Typical eh?

Having had problems posting, the grumble got through!!!
Thought you might like to see the new kitchen as it is so far.
This room used to be the sitting room and here it is now turning into a kitchen. The original kitchen is gradually becoming a bathroom, progress is happening... time and money permitting.
Other stuff...
We are running out of t-bags this time, so I will be over to England in February for another trolley dash round Tesco's, having said that, I smashed our teapot the other day, so perhaps that should go on the shopping list too.
rubbish things I say?
getting some more words muddled, they may look similar on paper, but when going for rapid recall mid sentence, I invariably opt for the wrong word... who wouldn't?
chèvre et chauve (goat and bald)
enceinte et enseignante (pregnant and teacher)
chevaux et cheveux (horses and hair)
A teacher friend of ours helped out with the 2nd muddle by getting pregnant, I can talk about her without beginning rumours now, but as to the others... I am just out to shave all goats...
Have a great day, will try to post again soon, I am really having problems leaving comments on some of your sites, I do visit often and enjoy reading them all, I love my weekly world tours.


I am so much NOT enjoying the new 'improved' blogging...
every time I want to do anything I have to tap in codes, addresses, passwords... beginning to wish I hadn't upgraded, this is the 2nd time in writing this as there was a 'problem' with the previous, so here goes mark 2!

will blog more if this gets through.