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Saturday, May 13, 2006

flip-flop weather

What gorgeous weather we are experiencing, really is time to break in the silver bauble encrusted purple flip-flops that I got for my birthday... I feel in a unique catagory as I parade around in these beauties, I love them.

Well, I am feeling a bit more in touch with life at the moment, I know God has ultimate hold of the controls, but I feel less flung around and as though it is going too fast!

My daily plod is taking shape, and the focus is...
learning French,
surprise, surprise!

On Mondays I study; this could be comprehension work, letter writing, translation stuff, bible studies... anything in French or to help learn it.
On Tuesday's I go to Glenda with what I did on Monday, she goes through it with me, correcting where needed (normally in lots of places!) then we go through the text to work on, I read it while she laughs at my pronounciation!! then explains what it is all about...
Wednesday I study in the morning as the girls have a half day school and finish at 11.15. then in the evening I go to a ladies meeting(In France), a time of sharing & praying for each other.
Thursday morning I prepare for the English lesson I give in the afternoon, I now have 3 in my group!!! and when I get them 'fluent' (who am I kidding?) there are others wanting me to teach them!!! I can see potential here!
Thursday evening is choir practice (I sound so old!) I prefer -répétition pour 'renaissance', sounds a lot classier!
Friday morning is spent with a couple from our church, the aim is on speaking, they will help us improve hopefully, and correct us on pronounciation and grammer... Saturday is a rest day, then...
Sunday morning is church in Belgium, and in the afternoon we have church in France!

So, this is my week, a plan has taken shape, my emphasise is on being with French speaking people as much as possible to build up my confidence to converse more... even last night at the monthly ladies soirée at the Belgian church, a lady came up to me, told me she lived nearby and would like it if I could go round to hers next week.

The lesson I have learn through this is, God knows our needs, desires, fears, limits, potential...

Psalm 37 gives sound advice, don't fret, trust in God, delight in Him, commit your ways to Him... if we do all he asks, the promises are phenomonal... He will show us security, give us the desires of our heart, he will be our advocate... He has helped with the everyday worries that I have been experiencing, and the assurance is, He isn't going to stop.

So, have a great week, enjoy the flip-flop weather, before we need to wear flip-flops because of the weather (to get through puddles etc!) Enjoy this Psalm too,

The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord, and He delights in his ways, though he falls, he shall not be utterly cast down, for the Lord upholds him with His hand.

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